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Sumihira Hanayagi, Hanayagi-Style

Classical Japanese Dance School


Sumihira Hanayagi

Real name: Kei Nishihama

Nice to meet you, my name is Sumihira Hanayagi.

Thank you for visiting the official website of Sumihira Hanayagi, Hanayagi-style classical Japanese Dance School.
In Japan, there is a classical Japanese dance known as Nihon buyo. Wear a kimono and move your body to traditional Japanese music (hogaku).
By learning classical Japanese dance that has been passed down from generation to generation, you can naturally acquire beautiful and graceful movements. Also, by learning the spirit of the tradition, you can prepare your own "mind" and strengthen it. First of all, please experience classical Japanese dance.

In recent years, digitization has progressed and it has become more convenient, but on the other hand, there are many stimulating information such as smartphones, PCs, and games, and I feel that the important spirit as a person is being lost. Through the traditional art of Japanese dance, I try to convey the important spirit from person to person, heart to heart.
Especially for children, we teach them to look the other person in the eye to see how he or she thinks and how his or her thoughts are conveyed, and we place importance on solid communication and mutual communication.
Turn off your cell phone for a while and enjoy the analog world.

I am a "Hanayagi-ryu Nihon-buyo" (Hanayagi-style classical Japanese dance) master and live in Sendai. I am doing dance activities mainly in Tohoku. I have given many stage performances in Japan and abroad.
I have also established NPO Classical Japanese Dance Nurture and Promotion Association( ) and are working to spread classical Japanese dance in rural areas. In addition, I also provide instruction on how to act in historical dramas for television, such as "the Taiga Drama"(Long-running historical drama series on NHK TV).

Director of NPO Japanese Dance Nurture and Promotion Association, Director of Miyagi Prefectural Art Association, Director of Classical Japanese Dance Association Branch, Director of Karyukai Tohoku Branch, Representative of Sennan Traditional Japanese Music and Dance Federation, Representative of Sumihira Hanayagi Dance Institute

■ Instruction in theatrical performance
We provide instruction on kimono and body movements for those involved in the theater and those who perform in period dramas and other plays.
Teaching experience: Assistant instructor of Japanese dramas, instructor of actresses in dramas, instructor of Takarazuka school students, etc.

■ For foreigners
We will teach you how to wear a kimono and experience classical Japanese dance.
Career: Lecturer of Japanese culture experience for foreign students from various countries in Fukushima prefecture, lecturer of Aeon Japanese culture experience group / etc.

■ Teaching Japanese dance to children with disabilities
I have worked with children with disabilities for many years. Since 2015, I have been visiting NPO Tsubamekko Children's Welfare Facility in Sendai every month for lessons. The spirit of classical Japanese dance has proven to be very effective for children with disabilities.  We can provide group or individual instruction in classical Japanese dance to suit your level of ability. Please contact us for more information.


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NPO Classical Japanese Dance Nurture and Promotion Association /

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