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2nd Sumihikokai held

Hanayagi-ryu Japanese dance performance 2nd Sumihikokai

"Japanese dance to the future!" will be held.

Sunday, April 30, 2023.

10:30 start

Sendai City Taihaku-ku Cultural Center / RaRaRa Hall

Guest: Yumiko Sekino (Koto), Sozan Otomo (Shakuhachi)

Organized by Mai-Mai Club Sumihira Hanayagi Dance Institute

【Admission fee】

Adults 3,000 yen

Elementary school students and younger 2,000 yen

【Contact Us】

Phone/Fax 022-263-0877 (Mai-Mai Club) or "Contact" page on this site


Sendai City, Sendai City Board of Education, Sendai City Cultural Foundation, Sendai Hitomachi Exchange Foundation, Miyagi Art Association, Miyagi Branch of the Japanese Dance Association, Kahoku Shimposha , NPO Japanese Dance Nurture and Promotion Association


The weather is getting warmer day by day. We would like to thank you for your continued support of Sumihira Hanayagi, our family and the Mai-Mai Club.

We are pleased to announce that the 2nd Sumihira-kai will be held at the RaRaRa Hall (Taihaku-ku Cultural Center).

We at Corona Hazards have been practising and preparing for this event. Many children will perform this time, and in the creative dance "Shojoji Scherzo", young children will perform a new dance to the accompaniment of koto music. We hope to overcome the Corona disaster and to continue the tradition into the next generation. We hope that many of you will come along.

Sumihira Hanayagi


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